27 October 2020

A lot of talk about the Cloud – 3 important things to consider before migrating to Cloud

27.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Digital society, ICT services, Digital business

Today, systems and servers are migrated to the cloud at a steadily increasing pace. Gartner forecasts that the worldwide public cloud services market will grow at a pace of more than 20 percentage points over the next...

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Jari Alamaa Jari Alamaa
26 October 2020

When to move beyond excel in production planning?

26.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Production development

In my work as Director R&D of IPES at Pinja, I get to see a wide range of production planning solutions in customer organisations. The arrangements made in these organisations live over time, as changes take place in...

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Tero Jännes Tero Jännes
23 October 2020

Renewing the industry with youth and experience

23.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Industrial engineering, Sustainability

  Pinja's young engineers Hanna-Maria Angeria and Iida Vaara have enjoyed the change to participate in Stora Enso's grand project in Oulu.

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Pinja Pinja
22 October 2020

Digitalization supports the profitability of circular economy businesses

22.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Circular economy and natural resources, Supply chain management, Industrial digitalization, Sustainability

The circular economy market is growing faster than ever but at the same time the operators on the sector have been caught in a riptide. Sitra forecasts that the Finnish circular economy will have an annual growth...

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Annimari Lehtomäki Annimari Lehtomäki
21 October 2020

Knowledge Management is Responsible Future Management

21.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Digital society, Sustainability, ICT services, Digital business

Our society is built on various decisions made on daily basis and on many different levels. All kinds of decisions are being made, from individual early childhood education group size to state-level budget negotiations,...

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Veli-Matti Nurminen Veli-Matti Nurminen
20 October 2020

Laser scanning supports industrial renewal with millimeter accuracy

20.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Industrial innovation, Industrial engineering

Many changes are needed in industrial manufacturing plants during their lifecycles. While changes are necessary to maintain competitiveness, their implementation generally requires a production shutdown or causes at...

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Lassi Jääskeläinen Lassi Jääskeläinen
16 October 2020

Budgeting as a tool of maintenance development

16.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Maintenance development

Budgeting is an essential tool in developing maintenance. However, often budgeting is considered a task that takes up valuable working hours and that is hard to implement. At best, sufficiently thorough budgeting is a...

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Ville Vilhu Ville Vilhu
14 October 2020

How to calculate ROI for a digital twin in your organization

14.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Industrial innovation, Production development, Digital business

The notion of a digital twin, or a detailed copy of an animate or inanimate real-world entity, dates back several decades. In Finland, they have only started landing in recent years and despite wide interest, they are...

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Aku Mäkimattila Aku Mäkimattila
09 October 2020

Well-being at work during new normal

09.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career

Great management can take care of well-being in an expert organization even under exceptional circumstances.

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Jaakko Kaski Jaakko Kaski
05 October 2020

Successful implementation of an industrial quality assurance system requires careful planning

05.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Industrial automation, Industrial innovation, Production development, Industrial digitalization

An investment in an industrial measurement, testing and quality assurance system is simultaneously an investment in quality and brand reliability. It enables delivery of high-quality and long-life products to customers...

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Teemu Väyrynen Teemu Väyrynen
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