The energy sector is attracting more interest than it has in decades. Amidst this transition, there is a growing emphasis on digitization, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and increasing green energy production. This necessitates investments in new technology, new business models, and infrastructure upgrades.

The rapid pace of change, evolving regulations, and the increasing complexity of facilities and technology also present challenges for maintenance in companies. In the autumn of 2023, we examined the state of maintenance in the Finnish energy industry. The study involved in-depth interviews with 23 maintenance professionals in the energy industry, the majority of whom held expert or managerial positions in maintenance.

In this research report, we explore the characteristic features of maintenance in the energy industry identified based on the study, as well as the current challenges and requirements faced by the sector.

In the report, we consider, for example:

  • The greatest challenges in maintenance for the energy industry now and in the future
  • The most essential tools for maintenance and expectations for the existing system
  • The role of partners in the daily operations of maintenance

Download the research report and delve deeper into the responses of maintenance professionals in the energy industry.


A review of the state of maintenance in the Finnish energy industry


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