Flow by Pinja is a modern waste flow management and reporting software, developed together with circular economy professionals to serve the needs of recycling facilities.

Flow by Pinja is not just a weighing system, but at its core is the collection of accurate real-time data and its versatile use. The highly automated processes of Flow reduce the need for manual work, saving time for other tasks and allowing you to use human resources efficiently.

  • Clear ways to receive material for waste centers and small unmanned
    stations, where waste is delivered by transport companies and private customers.
  • Up-to-date information on facility operations and material flows. The data are accurate and available in real time for internal, customer and regulatory reporting.
  • The open interface allows data exchange with third-party systems. The most common systems are ERPs, business intelligence tools, payment and billing systems.
  • We are hardware independent, and can integrate with your existing devices. We focus on software, but through our extensive network of partners we can provide the hardware your recycling facility needs, from scales to more sophisticated access control solutions.

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Optimized waste stream management

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