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20 April 2021

A data warehouse helps you move from searching for information to working with information

20.04.2021 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence

The first step to knowledge management is usually to deploy a BI tool, such as Microsoft Power BI. Often, however, the needs for reporting and data analysis grow and become more complex over time, and that’s when it may...

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18 February 2021

Business Intelligence and reporting trends for 2021

18.02.2021 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence

The year 2020 was exceptional in every way for each of us. The global pandemic resulted in the famous digital leap, which has also set new demands on data driven decision making and especially the use of BI tools. In...

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17 February 2021

Data analyst visualizes data and promotes effective decision-making

17.02.2021 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Pinja Career

One of Pinja’s recent recruits, Hanna Tahvanainen, is a BI specialist and a data analyst who helps customers in business intelligence management. Hanna finds her work fascinating – she helps customers use data to...

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19 January 2021

Power BI saves the CFO from reporting troubles

19.01.2021 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Digital society, Digital business

Monitoring, measuring, reporting and forecasting financial ratios are among the most important tasks of a CFO. In everyday life, the CFO closely monitors e.g. sales development, net sales, cash flow, EBITDA and net...

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31 March 2020

A modern integration solution solves data transfer challenges and improves the efficiency of industrial companies

31.03.2020 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Industrial innovation

With integrations, systems can be made to effectively communicate with each other and data can be transferred at the right time to the right system.

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27 February 2020

Power BI is your friend – Three reasons why its deployment can still fail

27.02.2020 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence

Ideally, Power BI guides the activities of the company and the entire personnel towards a more successful future. The vision is wonderful, but why does the system deployment still sometimes fail?

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10 January 2020

Choose the right metrics for industrial business management

10.01.2020 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Digital business

It is important to choose metrics correctly and with due consideration.

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20 November 2019

IIot and BI – this is how they can improve industrial analytics

20.11.2019 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Production development, Industrial digitalization

The Industrial Internet of Things allows us to collect a huge amount of data that enables better decision-making for the business.

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24 October 2019

A BI system opens the door to knowledge-based management

24.10.2019 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence

BI system converges information scattered across the different systems of a company into a single place in an easy-to-use format.

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16 October 2019

Knowledge-based management of production enables quick and efficient response

16.10.2019 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Production development

If the information required for management is dispersed between different locations and strongly personalized, it prevents efficient knowledge-based production management.

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