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30 April 2021

What kind of Microsoft 365 data security do you get for five, ten or twenty euros a month?

30.04.2021 | Pinja Blog | Digital society, Digital business

Data security is like basic hygiene. Every organization should take care of it. It is one of the most significant risk factors in the daily life of a company, as in the worst case, a wrong click can cost tens of...

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03 February 2021

A prerequisite for the profitable growth of digital commerce is a change in operating methods

03.02.2021 | Pinja Blog | Digital business, Ecommerce

Today, based on the purchasing decisions of customers, the ease of purchase is becoming more and more important to them. The whole buying process, from comparing products to returning a wrong product, should be smooth...

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19 January 2021

Power BI saves the CFO from reporting troubles

19.01.2021 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Digital society, Digital business

Monitoring, measuring, reporting and forecasting financial ratios are among the most important tasks of a CFO. In everyday life, the CFO closely monitors e.g. sales development, net sales, cash flow, EBITDA and net...

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03 December 2020

User is the weakest link in Microsoft 365 data security

03.12.2020 | Pinja Blog | Digital society, ICT services, Digital business

Over the past year, many of us have shifted towards more time- and place-independent work. In many organizations, daily work leans more and more on cloud-based information work tools, such as Microsoft 365 services....

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27 October 2020

A lot of talk about the Cloud – 3 important things to consider before migrating to Cloud

27.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Digital society, ICT services, Digital business

Today, systems and servers are migrated to the cloud at a steadily increasing pace. Gartner forecasts that the worldwide public cloud services market will grow at a pace of more than 20 percentage points over the next...

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21 October 2020

Knowledge Management is Responsible Future Management

21.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Digital society, Sustainability, ICT services, Digital business

Our society is built on various decisions made on daily basis and on many different levels. All kinds of decisions are being made, from individual early childhood education group size to state-level budget negotiations,...

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14 October 2020

How to calculate ROI for a digital twin in your organization

14.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Industrial innovation, Production development, Digital business

The notion of a digital twin, or a detailed copy of an animate or inanimate real-world entity, dates back several decades. In Finland, they have only started landing in recent years and despite wide interest, they are...

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02 September 2020

Remote working has accelerated the deployment of Microsoft 365 – this is foremost a cultural change

02.09.2020 | Pinja Blog | ICT services, Digital business

From the cultural point of view, it is important to consider how to introduce new tools as smoothly as possible while causing as little disturbance as possible to users’ daily work.

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28 August 2020

Study: More than 70% of the respondents considered the Andon method useful

28.08.2020 | Pinja Blog | Production development, Digital business

Improving productivity requires an in-depth understanding and insight into policies and their impact on efficiency.

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17 August 2020

3+1 tips to successfully migrate to Microsoft 365

17.08.2020 | Pinja Blog | Digital business

Microsoft 365 is a modern cloud service toolpack that adapts to various needs and different user profiles.

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