In 2016, the EU accessibility directive entered into force, on the basis of which a law on the provision of digital services was ratified in Finland in 2019. The Digital Services Act finally entered into force on April 1, 2019, and in 2021 the implementation period for the requirements of the Digital Services Act ended. According to the law, public administration services had to be accessible to all users by the end of the implementation period.

The new EU accessibility directive will bring changes to the Digital Services Act during 2023. With these changes, new services and operators – such as Verkkokaupat – are included in the accessibility requirements of the law. In terms of schedule, new services covered by the Digital Services Act must meet the accessibility requirements from June 28, 2025.

What should at least be taken into account in the accessibility of online stores? We listed the 12 most important things based on the accessibility directive, which every online store should take into account in daily content production and technical implementation.

In the guide, we tell e.g about

  • alternative text for images  
  • keyboard navigation
  • aontrasts and colors
  • and accessibility statement


Download the guide by filling out the form. The guide is free of charge and you are not bound by anything by downloading it.

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