What does the EUDR Deforestation Regulation require of wood industry operators?

This guide is aimed at wood industry operators who want to become familiar with the stricter reporting requirements in their industry. The guide provides practical information on EU requirements, in particular the EUDR Deforestation Regulation, and its implications for the whole value chain and data traceability.

In the guide, we answer questions such as:

  • How does the regulation affect the value chain?
  • What are the CSRD and NIS2 Directives?
  • What is the most convenient way to meet the growing traceability requirements?

The value chain from forest to end product in the timber industry includes actors of all sizes, from forest owners to sawmills and wood processors. Subcontractor networks and production can be far-reaching, with EU-level requirements also having an impact outside the EU.

Companies need to invest in consistent and reliable data collection to meet the requirements of the Deforestation Regulation, and maintain their competitiveness. Failure to comply with these requirements poses a significant business risk for operators.

Investing in strong information practices is an investment in the future. The right technology can greatly support data collection and reporting under the Deforestation Regulation: it provides a common basis for actors throughout the chain, and guides the collection of the right data at the right time and with the right accuracy. At the same time, it ensures that the data can be verified retrospectively. 



The guide is free and downloading it does not commit you to anything.