This guide is intended for all companies in the forest services sector that want to improve their planning and strengthen the strategic management of their business.

Success in the competitive forestry business and improving the profitability of a company operating in the sector not only requires determined, practical work every day, but also effective and flexible decision-making. Informed decision-making is underpinned above all by the effective collection, management and use of information.

A significant proportion of forest service companies are already using the potential of digitalization at some level, but few are using a holistic ERP solution. However, the pressure for better management of operations and information comes from many directions – not only from within the company, but also from external factors.

The forest business is affected by factors such as rising raw material and energy prices, increasing customer demands and habits, sustainability and traceability requirements, and the competitive situation in the sector. Legal requirements, tax issues and subsidy applications also contribute to the need for a smooth flow of business and information.

In this guide, we tell e.g.:

  • What kind of system solution specifically serves the special needs of the forest service sector
  • What challenges can it solve
  • What kind of benefits can realistically be expected from the solution


Download the guide by filling out the form. The guide is free of charge and downloading does not bind you to anything.

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