Modern manufacturing industry recognizes the importance of maintenance on productivity, and strives to develop it. Maintenance information systems play a key role in this. 

Many ERP systems offer features for managing maintenance information. However, the systems are developed to manage enterprise-wide ERP, with maintenance process support understandably taking a back seat. This is often reflected in the fact that the ERP system does not fully meet the specific needs of maintenance, such as visual work planning. 

In this guide, we will discuss why a separate maintenance management system should be considered, even if the ERP system provides maintenance functionality. We also provide tips on how to integrate your ERP and maintenance management system.

For example, the guide covers these themes: 

  1. How do ERP solutions and separate maintenance systems differ?

  2. Why choose a separate maintenance management system?

    1. Maintenance system as a management tool

    2. Different users expect different things from the system

    3. Examples of the benefits of an effectively used maintenance management system

  3. Why and when is system integration advantageous?

    1. What risks are associated with integrations?

    2. Defining system roles

    3. Ask at least these questions about integration

  4. Customercase on the integration of ERP and Pinja’s maintenance management system

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