Production planning is often perceived as complicated to analyze and not easy to monitor either. But why is that? And why measurement is important and how to succeed?

The efficiency and systematic nature of production form a key part of the business of manufacturing companies. The stages of production are examined critically and areas for development are sought in operations. An area that, in our experience, is often overlooked in development projects is production planning. However, successful design allows processes to be optimized and production bottlenecks to be eliminated. As a result, costs are reduced and production lead times are shortened.

In this guide, we consider why production planning is often left unmeasured, and we present typical metrics that can be used to monitor the success of production planning.

In this guide:

  • Why is production planning often left unmeasured?
  • Typical metrics that can be used to monitor the success of production planning
       - Time-based metrics
       - Metrics related to data availability
       - Metrics related to predictability
  • How to identify essential metrics for own organization?


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