In industry, machinery and equipment are major investments that pay for themselves through efficient use. The most important task of maintenance is to ensure that plants are as reliable as possible so that production runs as planned. Optimizing the reliability and life cycle of plant machinery and equipment requires well-functioning planned maintenance. A well-functioning maintenance system plays a significant role in the management and development of industrial maintenance.

This guide is intended for those working in energy industry organizations and those interested in maintenance management and development. In this guide, we discuss what considerations should be taken into account when acquiring a maintenance system, especially considering the unique characteristics of the energy industry.

The material addresses questions such as:

  • What are the specific characteristics associated with maintenance in the energy industry?
  • What benefits should be sought from a maintenance system in an industry where maintenance plays a particularly crucial role?
  • How to identify a maintenance system suitable for the energy industry?
  • What factors should be considered when selecting a system or system provider?

Cover_The importance of maintenance management in the energy industry
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