The vehicle inspection business has lived through many major changes in recent decades.

Despite the changes, the fundamentals of the business remain unchanged. The main objective of high work quality and thereby securing traffic safety is still there. The role of legislation as the backrest persists, even if the specifics change from time to time. Customers still want the inspection to be fast and reasonably priced. At best, the work also produces a positive customer experience while making no compromises on the quality and despite the inspection outcome.

In the vehicle inspection business, a lot therefore relies on customer service and customer experience. In addition to finding the right people, ideally both service-minded and efficient, employees need to have proper tools to secure the level of service and maintain an efficient pace.

In the 2020s, this reflection often leads to a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution due to its ease of use, reliability, effortlessness, cost-efficiency and modern features. Companies have started to notice that the benefits manifest themselves to all parties involved: the hands-on vehicle inspection staff, receptionists, the finance department, the management and, most importantly, the end customers.

In the guide, we answer e.g. the following questions:

  • What does a SaaS-based software solution mean in the vehicle inspection business?
  • Why and when to migrate to a SaaS solution?
  • What are the benefits and features of an effective SaaS-based vehicle inspection system?
  • How to calculate costs and effort?

Guide - Why and how to migrate to a SaaS solution in the vehicle inspection business


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