Machines and equipment for production are substantial investments that give profit when used efficiently. Thus, the most important task of maintenance is to ensure that equipment is used as efficiently as possible so that there won't occur any unnecessary interruptions or other interferences in the production due to equipment malfunction. Maximising the effective use and life cycle of production machines and equipment requires effective and proactive maintenance.

Maintenance is needed not only to fix existing flaws and to implement overhaul measures in order to ensure usage reliability, but also increasingly to detect and repair so called latent flaws. Managing and developing maintenance have a significant role in well-operating maintenance systems.

The guide gives answers to 5 most frequently asked questions about implementing the maintenance system:

  • Why Invest in Maintenance System?
  • What does Implementation Require from Client?
  • When to Receive Payback from the Maintenance System?
  • How Does the Implementation Project Proceed?
  • What Happens after the Implementation?


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