Choosing a Maintenance Management System to Improve Efficiency and Productivity

The importance of total asset life cycle management continues to grow. As a result, many companies are waking up to the business criticality of maintenance, including top management. When various development measures are needed to improve the efficiency of production and maintenance, old operating models or system solutions may no longer be sufficient, and this calls for an information system that genuinely supports the development of maintenance.

When discussing the development of maintenance, various terms and abbreviations often come up. For example, the division of the maintenance system between CMMS and EAM can sometimes be ambiguous, and even meaningless. Terminology should not be allowed to guide system procurement too much, because a good and modern system will scale as needed for all purposes.

Choosing a Maintenance Management System is always a strategic decision that has an impact on the everyday life of many people in the factory. Thorough familiarization with the facts not only makes it easier to choose a system solution that suits your company’s needs, but also speeds up adoption of the software.

In the guide, we answer questions such as:

  • Why are information systems needed for maintenance in the first place, and what are the differences between, for example, CMMS and EAM?
  • What should be considered before acquiring a maintenance system?
  • What benefits should be sought from a maintenance system?
  • What is the typical payback period for a maintenance system?

Preview of the Guide's Content: