Improve teamwork with Atlassian application solutions 

Get access to Atlassian teamwork applications focused on project work, information management, and efficient service management – choose one or all of them depending on your needs.  Discover the comprehensive range of services offered by Pinja.   

 Or are you already an Atlassian user and thinking about improving your customer service, teamwork, and communication? Are you getting the analytics out of your products to improve teamwork and develop your business? Do you know how you would benefit from integrating Atlassian products with your existing systems?  Have you already optimized the way you use the applications, reduced manual work, and introduced different types of automation?  Book an appointment, and improve your solutions with the help of Pinja’s experts.


Jira Software – project management tool

Project teams can plan, track, and manage their work efficiently in one place, as Jira Software enables visual tracking of tasks and projects. In addition, its integration possibilities with other tools and a wide range of add-ons facilitate workflow management. Read more on the Atlassian website about Jira Software

Jira Service Management – ticket system

Jira Service Management provides a solution for providing customer support and handling different types of tickets with a wide range of tools and automation. You also get a wide range of reporting tools to help you monitor and evaluate the performance of your services, and how to improve them if necessary. The tool helps you improve ITSM service efficiency, and speed up response times. Read more on the Atlassian website about Jira Service Management

Confluence – Collaboration and documentation platform 

If your company often faces challenges with data fragmentation or document location, Confluence provides an intuitive interface for project and document management and centralized storage. The tool provides ready-made templates for project planning, documentation, brainstorming, and retrofits. Read more on the Atlassian website about Confluence

Pinja – Atlassian Solution Partner

In addition to the products, you receive support for all your Atlassian-related needs, including: 

  • Product deployment, integration, and consultancy projects
  • Use of Jira reports for project and process performance in Jira environments
  • Customization of Marketplace add-ons
  • Maintenance and upgrades to ensure continuous and error-free operation of products
  • Maintenance and management of Atlassian licenses
  • Atlassian user management

Have you become interested? We are happy to discuss the benefits of the products further. Call or contact us using the contact form below. 


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