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14 September 2022

Why does digitalization of production require effective management?

14.09.2022 | Pinja Blog | Production development

Digitalization of production is a process that aims to collect, analyze and use key production data in a way that makes production more efficient and streamlined. In addition to saving time and money, the benefits of...

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30 May 2022

What is OEE?

30.05.2022 | Pinja Blog | Production development, Industrial digitalization

OEE is a metric for measuring production efficiency. It can be used to monitor and improve production efficiency in production plants as well as individual machines. The acronym OEE stands for Overall Equipment...

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03 February 2022

What is production optimization and what can it achieve?

03.02.2022 | Pinja Blog | Production development

Production optimization is a process in which a manufacturing company uses various means to improve production efficiency. Often, the aim of optimization is either financial or time savings, but human and environmental...

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14 December 2021

A checklist to start measuring and monitoring production planning

14.12.2021 | Pinja Blog | Production development

Measuring the efficiency of production planning is a long-term job, but fortunately also a rewarding one. Production planning is a key business function in manufacturing companies, acting as a gatekeeper to streamlined...

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30 November 2021

Simulating production with high-quality data

30.11.2021 | Pinja Blog | Lean, Production development

Production simulation enables carrying out quick experiments in a virtual world before putting them into practice. In many situations, simulation is a more agile, cheaper and more straightforward way to experiment that...

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30 September 2021

How to succeed in monitoring and measuring production planning

30.09.2021 | Pinja Blog | Production development

Production planning is often an invisible job in manufacturing companies, the success and efficiency of which is difficult to monitor and evaluate. The planning is often quite invisible – until an error occurs.

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09 July 2021

Summer reading from Pinja

09.07.2021 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Pinja Career, Production development, Circular economy and natural resources, Sustainability, ICT services, Health and welfare technology, Digital business

In addition to enjoying the summer and the sun, it is nice to read something every once in a while. So, we put together a reading and viewing package for you on the most popular topics of the year. We wish you inspiring...

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11 June 2021

Towards an environment of systems – how does an APS system complement an ERP system?

11.06.2021 | Pinja Blog | Production development

How many still remember when ERP systems came to Finnish companies in the 1990s? It was a revolutionary idea that all aspects of a business could be combined into one tool. ERP systems are to be thanked for the many...

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21 April 2021

What is a usable production planning system like?

21.04.2021 | Pinja Blog | Production development

Many software solutions are hailed as easy to use and user-friendly, but what does usability mean in practice? And what does that mean in the case of a production planning system?

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30 March 2021

Improving production efficiency with a What If analysis is a collaboration between the system and the planner

30.03.2021 | Pinja Blog | Production development

The What If analysis and What If scenario are alternative plans in the manufacturing industry that compare the effect of one or more variables on the production as a whole. Proactive planning makes it easier to...

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