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15 June 2017

How can an SMS company protect itself against blackmailing?

15.06.2017 | Pinja Blog | ICT services

WannaCry locks out the file management of the workstation, including important business documents and images.

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19 May 2017

Roni’s successful traineeship: Permanent job earned

19.05.2017 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career

A majority of students of JAMK (Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences) and the University of Jyväskylä who have carried out their training periods at Pinja have remained in the house with a permanent job.

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24 April 2017

Four key learning points for managers on Nordea’s service interruption

24.04.2017 | Pinja Blog | Software development

On Sunday, 23 April 2017, Nordea’s customers had a banking service interruption lasting approximately 11 hours.

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16 March 2017

7 reasons to use Google Data Studio in Ecommerce solutions

16.03.2017 | Pinja Blog | Ecommerce

Tracking site analytics is very often a pretty confusing thing. Data divided into multiple tabs and several different sections is not only difficult to compile, but even more difficult for the average person to...

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01 March 2017

Magento 2 - benefits and features

01.03.2017 | Pinja Blog | Ecommerce

Magento is one of the most common and popular eCommerce platforms in the world. Due to it being open source, Magento easily adapts to online stores of all sizes and all kinds of requirements. It already includes a lot...

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09 February 2017

Ecommerce of services? Why not!

09.02.2017 | Pinja Blog | Ecommerce

Information retrieval has has almost entirely moved to the internet. Many of us know that it is worth determining the usage value of any new purchase using the internet. The internet is used for seeking not only...

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08 February 2017

Experience is everything in eCommerce

08.02.2017 | Pinja Blog | Ecommerce

The success of an eCommerce site depends a lot on the user experience it creates. When finding, comparing and buying products is easy and the user is not overwhelmed by information, the online store is remembered in a...

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19 October 2016

How do you recognise genuine digital transformation?

19.10.2016 | Pinja Blog | Production development, Industrial digitalization, Digital society

Digital transformation changes the world, in some places faster than in others. While the consumption of printed newspapers will change to digital form over the years, the Uber and Pokémon phenomena influence entire...

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14 October 2016

Three everyday security threats: How do you act in these situations?

14.10.2016 | Pinja Blog | Digital society, Sustainability

Have you ever found a memory stick without knowing its owner? Were you curious to find out to whom it belonged? Should you insert the device in your own computer and have a look at the files to find out the owner?

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27 October 2015

Industry 4.0 through the eyes of a myth breaker

27.10.2015 | Pinja Blog | Production development, Industrial digitalization, Digital society

Let us look at Industry 4.0 through the eyes of a Myth breaker discussing four myths about the fourth industrial revolution. First myth: “Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution” If the first industrial...

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