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14 November 2023

How does a maintenance system support the measurement of maintenance?

14.11.2023 | Pinja Blog | Maintenance development

A maintenance system does not carry out maintenance work on behalf of the technician, but acts as their right hand in many other ways. It serves as a memory aid, helps anticipate the future, and guides the daily work...

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09 November 2023

What is Microsoft Fabric? Part 1: From the past to the present

09.11.2023 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence

Microsoft released its new data platform on 23 May 2023. I was in Keilaniemi in May when Fabric was unveiled, which was said to be the most significant thing in our industry since SQL Server. What should one think about...

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31 October 2023

Maintenance system and ERP - combined or separate systems?

31.10.2023 | Pinja Blog | Maintenance development

A company’s maintenance is typically handled in a separate system developed for maintenance needs or in the maintenance module of the company’s ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). An ERP system and a separate...

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27 October 2023

The power of smart manufacturing: the potential of AI in the industrial environment

27.10.2023 | Pinja Blog | Production development, Industrial digitalization, Maintenance development, Software development

Artificial intelligence boosts industrial production in many ways. It supports decision-making and proactive maintenance and helps optimize processes. It also enables business development, and even completely new...

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17 October 2023

Microsoft Fabric and AI make it easier for educational institutions to manage data and self-service reporting

17.10.2023 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence

Knowledge management solutions serve an important role in the successful management of an educational institution. Among the current analytics tools, machine learning and the soon-to-be-released Microsoft Fabric are...

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29 September 2023

Rabbit holes and white hats – OSCP and OSWA data security certifications are earned through hard work and expertise

29.09.2023 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Software development

Pinja’s Technical Project Manager Jesse Ikola has been particularly interested in data security throughout his career. He is currently completing the OSWA data security certificate in web application penetration...

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28 September 2023

Benefits of MES system in manufacturing industry

28.09.2023 | Pinja Blog | Production development

The operating environment of the manufacturing industry is evolving rapidly, and digitalization is changing the rules of the game. Maintaining and enhancing competitiveness requires companies to continuously adapt and...

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20 September 2023

What you need to know in the manufacturing industry about the DevSecOps operating model Pick our four tips for your organization

20.09.2023 | Pinja Blog | Software development

The term DevSecOps is rapidly becoming commonplace and taking over the more traditional DevOps – and for good reason. DevSecOps highlights the fact that today’s data security can no longer be a separate work step, but...

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05 September 2023

How does combining production and maintenance result in a significant production boost?

05.09.2023 | Pinja Blog | Maintenance development

Production and maintenance staff are critical to the smooth running of a plant. Too often, however, work is done one after the other or in parallel – not in genuine cooperation. Closer cooperation between production and...

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29 August 2023

Collect, enrich and exploit – production data to facilitate decision-making

29.08.2023 | Pinja Blog | Production development

Increasingly accurate information about the processes, machinery, equipment, and raw materials in production facilities is available, and the use of this information helps with many key business objectives. They help...

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