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24 June 2024

Cybersecurity is more important than ever – keep your production OT networks and servers data secure in order with these tips

24.06.2024 | Pinja Blog | Industrial digitalization, ICT services

Good data security is critical to the continuity of an organization’s operations. New data security requirements, such as the NIS2 Directive, are putting additional pressure on companies to create sustainable practices...

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27 October 2023

The power of smart manufacturing: the potential of AI in the industrial environment

27.10.2023 | Pinja Blog | Production development, Industrial digitalization, Maintenance development, Software development

Artificial intelligence boosts industrial production in many ways. It supports decision-making and proactive maintenance and helps optimize processes. It also enables business development, and even completely new...

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05 June 2022

What role does digitalization play in sustainable development?

05.06.2022 | Pinja Blog | Industrial digitalization, Sustainability

Today, June 5, is the annual World Environment Day. How can digitalization contribute to sustainable development?

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30 May 2022

What is OEE?

30.05.2022 | Pinja Blog | Production development, Industrial digitalization

OEE is a metric for measuring production efficiency. It can be used to monitor and improve production efficiency in production plants as well as individual machines. The acronym OEE stands for Overall Equipment...

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25 November 2020

Targeting manufacturing lead time reduction?

25.11.2020 | Pinja Blog | Industrial innovation, Production development, Industrial digitalization

Reducing manufacturing lead time improves business profitability, competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Lead time reduction also advances agility at work and enables quicker responses to changes in the operating...

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23 November 2020

The APS system pays for itself - financially and humanly

23.11.2020 | Pinja Blog | Industrial innovation, Production development, Industrial digitalization

When calculating the payback period of any acquisition, one basically needs to know two things. First, how much does the acquisition cost in money and through staff’s working hours. Secondly, how does the renewal bring...

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04 November 2020

4+1 most important things to consider in managing material flows in circular economies

04.11.2020 | Pinja Blog | Circular economy and natural resources, Supply chain management, Industrial digitalization, Sustainability

The efficient management of material flows is in key role in maintaining and improving the profitability of businesses operating in circular economy. These businesses often manage up to hundreds of inbound and outbound...

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22 October 2020

Digitalization supports the profitability of circular economy businesses

22.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Circular economy and natural resources, Supply chain management, Industrial digitalization, Sustainability

The circular economy market is growing faster than ever but at the same time the operators on the sector have been caught in a riptide. Sitra forecasts that the Finnish circular economy will have an annual growth...

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02 October 2020

Industrial digitalization increases carbon handprint

02.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Production development, Industrial digitalization, Digital society, Sustainability

Responsibility has become a real Big Question in industry in the past few years. As we become more environmentally aware, companies have a rather conflicting role in it: They can innovate solutions that contribute to...

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01 October 2020

Change and leadership at the heart of industrial digitalization

01.10.2020 | Pinja Blog | Industrial innovation, Industrial digitalization

Traditionally, assets in industry have included competence, quality and cost efficiency. As digitalization reaches further and further into industrial sectors, new paths to success are forged: speed, agility and...

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