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31 March 2022

A back-end developer is the enabler behind the user interface

31.03.2022 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career

Ilpo is one of Pinja’s experienced back-end developers, specializing in integration development. Ilpo, who works on the IPa by Pinja platform, particularly likes the versatility of his job description. Integrations are...

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15 February 2022

Pinja can employ you as a data warehousing specialist through training – Pinja DW Academy launched in 2020

15.02.2022 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Pinja Career

Data warehousing specialists are in high demand, and there are virtually no specialists available on the market. Pinja has been struggling with the same problem for a long time. As the labor market is significantly...

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07 February 2022

A front-end developer develops software from an end user perspective

07.02.2022 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Circular economy and natural resources

Lauri Haavisto, working on Flow by Pinja, is a software developer who currently works in front end development in his team. The work primarily focuses on what the software looks like to the end user: what the interface...

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05 January 2022

Pinja enables flexible working models

05.01.2022 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career

Pinja’s culture includes flexible working. In addition to flexible working hours, most jobs allow you to work from any location. Flexible working is possible because Pinja’s employees are united by customer focus, trust...

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16 December 2021

Remote working has created a solid foundation for effective distance learning

16.12.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career

Customer Relationship Manager Tapsa Nylander began working in the Novi team specializing in Pinja’s maintenance system solutions in the fall of 2021. There were two special features in his job when Tapsa, a veteran in...

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01 December 2021

The “Finnish champion” of web development works at Pinja

01.12.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Software development

Jaakko Sukuvaara works at Pinja in web development. Originally, he came to Pinja for an on-the-job training period when he studied at a vocational school, and today he works as a full-time team member on client projects.

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24 November 2021

International software developers value Finnish equality and opportunity

24.11.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career

Nicholas Whitehurst and Subash are two of Pinja’s non-Finnish employees. They both work in the Forest by Pinja operational area as software developers and enjoy their everyday work. As for leisure, they both praise the...

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29 October 2021

Internship at Pinja offers real work, for real customers

29.10.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Software development

Hannu Kujanpää and Lauri are soon-to-be graduating students, who completed their practical training at Pinja in the summer 2021. Both have continued to work at Pinja after the practical training period and, thanks to...

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28 September 2021

A team leader spars, solves problems and cares for the team

28.09.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career

Paula Huuskonen is one of Pinja’s long-standing Service Desk employees. Not only does she work as an expert but also a team leader and a foreperson of about ten support employees. Paula, who is an IT engineer, considers...

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23 August 2021

The international Product Manager finds excitement in the combination of software development and design

23.08.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Software development, Digital business

Product Manager Pieter ter Berg, who has moved from the Netherlands to Finland, is one of Pinja’s many international reinforcements that complement Pinja’s Muster team with their diverse expertise. Based on his...

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