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09 July 2021

Summer reading from Pinja

09.07.2021 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Pinja Career, Production development, Circular economy and natural resources, Sustainability, ICT services, Health and welfare technology, Digital business

In addition to enjoying the summer and the sun, it is nice to read something every once in a while. So, we put together a reading and viewing package for you on the most popular topics of the year. We wish you inspiring...

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05 July 2021

Pinja’s training promise is a guarantee of future sustainable services and professionalism

05.07.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Sustainability

Pinja strongly encourages the development of one’s competence, guaranteeing that the work is pleasant, and the services are functional. Therefore, Pinja has introduced a training promise, within the framework of which...

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01 July 2021

The Junior Software Developer internship provides a good basis for working life

01.07.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Sustainability, Software development

Eetu and Riku Heikkinen are brothers from Oulu, both of whom are studying at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences in the English-language Information Technology degree program. Both are also completing their Junior...

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21 May 2021

What was it like to start working at Pinja as an experienced veteran in the IT field?

21.05.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career

I started working as a Senior Project Manager at Pinja just over a month ago. Before starting here, I have worked in the software field in various roles for over 20 years. My previous positions ranged from coder to...

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29 April 2021

Remote work increases the number of hours in a day

29.04.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Software development

Senior Software Developer Sami, who lives in the small and idyllic village of Siuro, is used to remote working. He works on the Novi by Pinja product and develops it together with the rest of the team – 100% from home....

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19 April 2021

A Business Development Manager develops the customer benefits of Pinja’s service

19.04.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career

Business Development Manager Tuomas Lappalainen is a satisfied returnee to Pinja in a new role of maintenance development tasks. Back in the day, he started as a maintenance account manager in Pinja’s organization and...

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19 March 2021

A Lead Architect thrives at the deep end of coding

19.03.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Software development

Pinja’s long-term software expert, Lead Architect Pekka Savolainen, is a true multi-competitor in software development. Savolainen enjoys the creativity and challenges of his work and considers coding to be basically a...

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17 February 2021

Data analyst visualizes data and promotes effective decision-making

17.02.2021 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Pinja Career

Hanna is a BI specialist and a data analyst who helps customers in business intelligence management. Hanna finds her work fascinating – she helps customers use data to develop business operations, solve problems and...

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29 January 2021

Pinja’s Cloud Platform team pull together and everyone can concentrate on their own strengths

29.01.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, ICT services

The meaningfulness of work often comes from simple matters. Employees enjoy working in Pinja's Cloud Platform team because they are listened to and everyone can use their own strengths. We support development of own...

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08 January 2021

Winter reading from Pinja – the most popular topics of 2020

08.01.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Industrial innovation, Production development, Circular economy and natural resources

While waiting a moment for Pinja’s new expert blogs, guides and webinars of the current year, we wanted to compile a few materials for you on last year’s most popular topics. We wish you rewarding reading moments!

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