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17 April 2024

AI boosts production planning – what to consider when forecasting demand and optimizing inventory

17.04.2024 | Pinja Blog | Production development, Software development

Significant benefits can be achieved with the right AI tools, both in production control and planning systems and sales planning and forecasting. This blog post was born out of the need to describe what companies need...

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10 April 2024

The NIS2 Directive tightens cybersecurity management – is your organization ready?

10.04.2024 | Pinja Blog | Software development

The updated NIS Directive of the European Union strengthens security practices within the EU. The Directive defines obligations for cybersecurity and the reporting of related incidents. The new NIS2 Directive enters...

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27 October 2023

The power of smart manufacturing: the potential of AI in the industrial environment

27.10.2023 | Pinja Blog | Production development, Industrial digitalization, Maintenance development, Software development

Artificial intelligence boosts industrial production in many ways. It supports decision-making and proactive maintenance and helps optimize processes. It also enables business development, and even completely new...

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29 September 2023

Rabbit holes and white hats – OSCP and OSWA data security certifications are earned through hard work and expertise

29.09.2023 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Software development

Pinja’s Technical Project Manager Jesse Ikola has been particularly interested in data security throughout his career. He is currently completing the OSWA data security certificate in web application penetration...

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20 September 2023

What you need to know in the manufacturing industry about the DevSecOps operating model Pick our four tips for your organization

20.09.2023 | Pinja Blog | Software development

The term DevSecOps is rapidly becoming commonplace and taking over the more traditional DevOps – and for good reason. DevSecOps highlights the fact that today’s data security can no longer be a separate work step, but...

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11 August 2023

Accelerate development: what’s new in low-code programming?

11.08.2023 | Pinja Blog | Software development

Although HCL is not yet a household name for many, its low-code platforms, such as Volt MX and Domino, are recognized as leading solutions in the low-code market. HCL Software, the provider of these solutions, is a...

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02 June 2023

Three reasons to start using a DevOps approach in software work

02.06.2023 | Pinja Blog | Software development, Digital business

There’s a lot of talk about DevOps, the seamless combination of software development, continuous production, and maintenance, but what are the core benefits? What will the company miss if it continues with a linear,...

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11 April 2023

Integration training provided the latest knowledge, practical tips, and valuable interaction

11.04.2023 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Digital society, Software development

Pinja’s ten-day training pledge allows employees to have various opportunities to improve their skills. This time, a group of Pinja’s integration professionals participated in a multi-day HealthShare integration...

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23 February 2023

Financial management as a seamless part of an ERP solution

23.02.2023 | Pinja Blog | Software development, ERP

This is the second part of a series of blog posts on automating and streamlining routines between finance and ERP. In this blog post, we look at the core functions of financial management as an integral part of an ERP...

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16 February 2023

Competitive advantage through integration of financial management with ERP systems

16.02.2023 | Pinja Blog | Digital society, Software development, Digital business

This blog is the first part of a series of blogs dealing with streamlining and automating the routines between operational control and financial management. In this article in the blog series, we will look at the topic...

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