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22 November 2023

Sustainable operation is about daily actions and choices

22.11.2023 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Sustainability

When Pinja’s coders sit down at their desk in the morning, not only do they start to code, but also, in small steps, a more sustainable world begins to emerge. As the aim is to support the client’s business in a...

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07 June 2023

Data security in the forest industry requires rules, cooperation, and accountability

07.06.2023 | Pinja Blog | Sustainability, Forest industry ERP

Data security in the forest industry is important, as disruptions in the industry have many direct and indirect effects. For example, in the sawmilling and woodworking industries, data security problems in the supply,...

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17 March 2023

Pinjans took part in the Down a degree campaign: 10 electricity saving ideas on how to reduce your household energy consumption

17.03.2023 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Sustainability

For Pinjans, new ideas and actions for sustainability are a meaningful part of their work. We work to help our clients reduce their energy consumption through a range of digital solutions. We also wanted to get involved...

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18 January 2023

The Medical Device Regulation progresses on its timeline and the MDD support deadline is nearing for software

18.01.2023 | Pinja Blog | Sustainability, Software development, Health and welfare technology

Medical device manufacturers have long been following the timeline of the implementation obligations of the MDR and the predecessor MDD. The EU still has not announced an exact date for the end of MDD support, but it is...

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13 October 2022

How digitalization is driving sustainability in practice, part 2/2 – green building to reduce emissions and promote well-being

13.10.2022 | Pinja Blog | Sustainability, ICT services, Health and welfare technology, Digital business, Ecommerce, ERP

Sustainability is first and foremost about action. At Pinja, we make our biggest sustainability contributions together with our clients by driving digitalization and streamlining our clients’ businesses across a myriad...

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06 October 2022

How digitalization is driving sustainability in practice, part 1/2 – how to reduce energy consumption, waste, and the ecological footprint

06.10.2022 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Circular economy and natural resources, Sustainability, Forest industry ERP

The world needs sustainable actions. Digitalization and Pinja’s solutions drive sustainability in clients’ businesses in a practical way: by reducing energy use, raw material demand, and waste, minimizing unnecessary...

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05 June 2022

What role does digitalization play in sustainable development?

05.06.2022 | Pinja Blog | Industrial digitalization, Sustainability

Today, June 5, is the annual World Environment Day. How can digitalization contribute to sustainable development?

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22 April 2022

The electronic movement document meets the requirements of the new Waste Act

22.04.2022 | Pinja Blog | Circular economy and natural resources, Supply chain management, Sustainability

In 2021, a new waste act came into force and the topic has been subject to much debate, both in public and at coffee tables. The new obligations brought changes for the industry, and there are other reforms on the way,...

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09 July 2021

Summer reading from Pinja

09.07.2021 | Pinja Blog | Business Intelligence, Pinja Career, Production development, Circular economy and natural resources, Sustainability, ICT services, Health and welfare technology, Digital business

In addition to enjoying the summer and the sun, it is nice to read something every once in a while. So, we put together a reading and viewing package for you on the most popular topics of the year. We wish you inspiring...

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05 July 2021

Pinja’s training promise is a guarantee of future sustainable services and professionalism

05.07.2021 | Pinja Blog | Pinja Career, Sustainability

Pinja strongly encourages the development of one’s competence, guaranteeing that the work is pleasant, and the services are functional. Therefore, Pinja has introduced a training promise, within the framework of which...

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