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7 reasons to use Google Data Studio in Ecommerce solutions

16.03.2017 Pinja Blog Ecommerce

Tracking eCommerce analytics using Google Data StudioTracking site analytics is very often a pretty confusing thing. Data divided into multiple tabs and several different sections is not only difficult to compile, but even more difficult for the average person to understand or process. Google Data Studio is Google’s response to this lack of clear reports. It is a tool that allows you to create easy-to-understand reports from your website statistics that look great on top of everything else!

But what can they be used for? Here are seven reasons to use Google Data Studio.

1. It is free

There is no cost to use Google Data Studio. You can create as many reports as you want for free.

2. You can get data from several different sources

A comprehensive report naturally requires data from multiple sources. In Data Studio, you can retrieve data directly from Google Analytics, Ad Words, or even YouTube. In addition, you can retrieve data from MySQL or Cloud SQL databases or upload files from your computer.

When you create a report, you can set a different data source for each chart, providing a comprehensive view of how your website is performing.

3. The data is updated automatically

Once you link a data source to a Data Studio report, it automatically updates the data in your report. In this way, the report you once created is constantly updated. (Except for files uploaded from a computer that require manual work to update).)

4. Create spectacular reports with little effort

You don’t need a graphics artist to make the reports look good. You can edit a ready-made theme, use it as it is, or create your own theme. At its simplest, you define the location of the charts and that’s it. If you want, you can customize the colors and fonts of each chart to your liking.

You can easily create reports that match your company’s identity.

5. They provide a lot of data in an instant

The constantly updated and visually clear reports provide a lot of information at a glance. You save a lot of time when the data you need is stored in one place, but is also displayed in a clear and easily understandable way. You don’t have to hunt for data from multiple sources.

6. Enables multiple simultaneous users

Are there multiple people in your company who need access to review or edit reports? Data Studio works on the same principle as other Google cloud services, such as Drive, Docs and Sheets. They can be viewed and edited by multiple people at once. So you no longer have to think about who has the latest version and when to get it in the email so you can view it.

7. They are easy to share!

Once your report is complete, you can share it via email or Google’s own groups. From the sharing settings, you can select permissions for each person you share the file with. Invited users can either view or edit the report, depending on what permissions you grant them.

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