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Pinja’s Cloud Platform team pull together and everyone can concentrate on their own strengths

Pinja cloud platform team in remote meeting

The meaningfulness of work often comes from simple matters. Employees enjoy working in Pinja's Cloud Platform team because they are listened to and everyone can use their own strengths.

We support development of own skills, but not even the most experienced person needs to know everything about everything”, emphasizes the team leader Service Manager Jari Alamaa.

– Our teams are divided into four competence areas: infrastructure, information network, database and middleware. This means that they are responsible for the development of system software for cloud and data center environments and for building and maintaining environments. The team members pull together while simultaneously focusing on their own strengths, generally one or two areas. The employees have felt that this division is good, Alamaa says.

If necessary, employees are guided towards a direction, if they cannot make up their minds regarding their own specialist areas. Superiors are required to have an expert eye and take a humane approach to identify strengths.

– I have seen how painful it can be when everyone tries to do everything. When employees work constantly at the limits of their skills, they do not take ownership in work and the results may vary a lot. Such a situation is not in the interest of anyone”, Jari Alamaa says.

Internal projects sustain development of operations and strengthen the skills of the team

Continuous improvement of the team's own operations and staying up to date with the industry are important for the wellbeing of the team. In addition to external customer projects, Jari Alamaa emphasizes the importance of company internal projects and development of the team's skills:

–“Internal projects enable continuous development of operations and can at best generate new service products. I find them important also because they can help us maintain the vitality of the team. We need development to ensure that people feel good at work.”

Regarding his own work, Alamaa considers it rewarding how the members of the work community encourage each other and do things together. The community spirit is strong even though Pinja has nearly 600 professionals.

– The community spirit means that we are also involved with experts of other fields. Not just sitting in our own booth as a cloud team, but together we are the Pinja team. I think this is a very welcoming and good workplace, Jari Alamaa says.

Community spirit across boundaries

Pinja’s Cloud Platform team includes about a dozen professionals in three locations: Jyväskylä, Tampere and Oulu. Office boundaries do not exist. For example, Nico Sneck, a middleware specialist based in Jyväskylä has teammates who work in the same area of expertise in the Tampere office. It is also possible to push the boundaries of competence areas if there are sufficient skills and willingness. Nico Sneck also works to some extent with infrastructure projects.

– I perceive my own work as close collaboration with all competence team experts. When the infrastructure, network and databases are in order, it is possible to carry out the necessary “support application installations”, such as container technology solutions, which enable us to run the inputs of application development in servers, Nico Sneck explains the big picture from his own perspective.

Nico Sneck started at Pinja in October 2019. He thinks that work has been suitably versatile with changing customers. Sneck also uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform in his work.

Settling into work routines at Pinja was easy for him. The job in the cloud team started with the freedom to select preferred tools and the operating system: Mac or PC? After more than 12 months' experience, Nico Sneck finds the community spirit impressive:

- During coffee breaks, togetherness can be felt concretely with experts of different fields mingling together. There are also leisure activities to suit many tastes.

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