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Competitive advantage through integration of financial management with ERP systems

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This blog is the first part of a series of blogs dealing with streamlining and automating the routines between operational control and financial management. In this article in the blog series, we will look at the topic through the advantages offered by the integration platform service.

The second part of the series deals with the core functions of financial management as part of the ERP system and the benefits it brings to practical routines based on the Total ERP by Pinja system.

The role of financial management integrations as part of an ERP system has become more significant in recent years. The ERP supplier realizes the need for financial integration at the latest when the client company raises the issue. An ERP supplier can also integrate financial management solutions into its system beforehand, thus strengthening the competitive position of its system. Different clients use a wide range of financial management software, so there are many interfaces to integrate. By choosing the right integration partner, the ERP supplier can focus its resources on developing its ERP system, and outsource the integration of financial management.

The benefits of financial management integration

There are clear benefits to integrating financial management solutions with ERP:


The integration can reduce manual work by several minutes per bill. The integration automatically transfers the bill from the ERP system to other systems that need it, without the need to re-enter the data on the bill. The reduction in manual tasks makes the work more meaningful, and the easily verifiable savings in bill processing time reduce the payback time of the integration.  


Integration also reduces the amount of manual work in accounting. The integration allows accounting data to be transferred automatically from the POS system to the financial management systems. 


Financial integration improves the accuracy of payroll, reduces errors, and ensures that payroll is based on up-to-date data. Changes can be configured to update either in real time or on a scheduled basis. As other employee data related to the employment relationship is also transferred automatically, the payroll department always has up-to-date address and account information for employees. 

The progress of an integration project

Outsourcing financial management integrations to a competent partner saves the resources of the ERP system supplier to develop their system. With the partner’s solid experience, integration projects are managed cost-effectively and reliably, using best practices and avoiding pitfalls. In most cases, the project starts by identifying the systems that you want to integrate. The interfaces between the systems are examined, and the details of the data transfer are agreed. In companies with several independent sites, such as hotels, the integration implementation can be easily replicated across all sites.

The maintenance and support service continues to support the partner after the project, if needed. With automated integration monitoring,  errors are detected in time, and the client is informed immediately. As an additional service, it is possible to include visual reporting on the activity of integrations and message traffic. 

The benefits of an integration partnership with Pinja 

At Pinja, we have already implemented half a hundred financial integration projects for our clients. At the same time, we have built a strong partnership with the largest suppliers of financial management solutions in Finland and the Nordic countries. Extensive experience in integration projects, the modern and agile integration platform IPa by Pinja and in-depth knowledge of the most common financial management software combine to make Pinja a reliable partner for ERP solution providers. 

Pinja’s cost-effective and agile integration platform not only enables financial management, but also integrations with other business areas, helping our partners tailor the integration package to their clients’ needs. In addition to integrations, with its multidisciplinary expertise and wide range of services, Pinja helps its partners with other business developments as well.

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Jan-Petteri Hakoluoto

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