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Data Analyst jobs at Pinja offer a wide range of career paths

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Eemeli Solja, a data analyst working as a Business Intelligence Specialist at Pinja, believes that the main goal of his job is to create added value for the client from data and information. He describes his work as interesting, varied, and also genuinely meaningful. A good example of these features is his first project at Pinja in 2020, where he was involved in building Covid reporting for the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.

Data analysis, customer service, and challenging the present situation

Eemeli Solja, who started working at Pinja in 2020, describes himself as a handyman, as his career has taken him to many places. More formally, he could be described as an expert in knowledge management and data utilization, who uses his technical skills first and foremost to serve clients and meet their needs.

- I consider the main objective of my work to be to quickly and efficiently create added value from data and information for clients. I transform the data into a form that is as understandable as possible for the client, for example into reports using BI tools.

It was great to be able to start doing work that really matters on a larger scale.

Eemeli has worked on Business Intelligence for practically his entire career, even before he started working at Pinja, since 2011, when he graduated with a degree in Knowledge Management Engineering. He has been interested in data analyst jobs for a long time, partly because of the constant variety in the work, with its varied content, different clients and projects, and different problems.

- My diverse experience in different reporting solutions helps me in my current work, for example in developing customer-oriented solutions to the challenges at hand. Clients are often delightfully open to hearing my views, and they also appreciate that I challenge their thinking when necessary.

Data analyst jobs include a variety of roles

According to Eemeli, the job of a data analyst requires above all a willingness to learn new things and a genuine interest in the challenges of the client. Although he is a seasoned professional who is quite open and flexible, he believes that people of all backgrounds can succeed as data analysts.

- Data analyst jobs offer a variety of positions, and all types of people can do well in them. The main thing is that you are interested in data, and want to understand the client’s processes and the bigger picture.

Eemeli has done much of his work so far at Pinja on the health and well-being technology side, with clients such as wellbeing services counties. One of the most meaningful tasks fell on Eemeli’s desk as soon as he started working at Pinja, when he got to build a data warehouse solution and Covid reporting for the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa. The data were used to monitor the progress of the epidemic, and to analyze the occupancy rates of the sampling sites. One of the greatest successes was the set of strategic and operational indicators built for the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, which received praise from the client.

- It was great to be able to start doing work that really matters on a larger scale. At the same time, I was also able to get up to speed with Pinja’s growth, as the number of BI experts at Pinja has increased significantly since I started. Now there are closer to a hundred of us.

According to Eemeli, data analyst jobs are such a huge field that they offer a great opportunity for career development. You can work as a data analyst, data engineer, full stack developer, or data architect.

- There are many different stages in analytics, so you can develop your career in many different directions. In data analytics, you never stop learning.

Flexible working, self-development, and good team spirit

Several years later, Eemeli still enjoys working at Pinja – for many different reasons. Firstly, the flexible working model is perfectly suited to his life situation as a family man. Eemeli works mainly remotely, but he can also visit the office when needed. Secondly, he takes advantage of the training promise provided by Pinja. As a Pinja employee, you can spend ten working days a year studying subjects that interest you. For example, Eemeli has become more familiar with the Azure offering and the latest updates to Power BI. Thirdly, he appreciates the good and open team spirit at Pinja.

- With a large pool of talent and an open atmosphere, knowledge is shared back and forth while you work. You can always raise your hand when you don’t understand something, and you always get help.

Eemeli also likes the fact that even small successes are noticed in everyday life, and that achievements are enjoyed together. 

- Although I mainly work from home, I still don’t feel like I’m working remotely. Thanks to nice colleagues and clients, I’ve never once been annoyed when I power up the computer in the morning and start working.

What is it like to work as a Data Analyst at Pinja?

  • At Pinja, you can focus on data warehousing, reporting, or both, depending on your interests. 
  • The tools vary somewhat among projects and clients. One of the most important tools for the data analyst is Power BI
  • The data platform is usually Azure cloud services.
  • For example, traditional SQL databases or, say, DataLake/Lakehouse are used as the background for the data warehouse. A new product, Microsoft Fabric, will also play an important role in the future. 
  • Some of the most important skills and qualities of a data analyst include:
    ⚬ understanding and defining client needs
    ⚬ knowledge of client data, so that it can be used to make meaningful analyses that facilitate the client’s work, and
    ⚬ visual literacy: beautiful and usable visualization and visual representations that lead to actions 

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