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Electronic movement documents enhance transport management and reporting


Finland’s new Waste Act entered into force this summer, and the electronic movement document, among other things, has been vastly discussed by circular economy operators in recent months. The new Waste Act strongly encourages operators in the field to switch to the use of electronic movement documents, as in the future the Act will require the submission of movement documents to the national movement document register of the Ministry of the Environment. 

A movement document application facilitates reporting and data management

At present, movement documents are often handled in paper format. In the future, however, the information must be submitted to the movement document register in electronic form within three months of the end of the movement. The movement document application enables automatic transfer of data to the movement document register, which significantly reduces the workload resulting from new obligations. 

In addition, data from electronic movement documents can be used to generate reports for various purposes significantly faster, as the data are directly available in the cloud service database. The reports can be based on, for example, the place of loading or unloading, or on the driver, which enables reviewing the data in detail.

Thanks to electronic movement documents, billing no longer has to be based on cluttered paper documents and gone is the need to dig up months-old archives in order to find the necessary information. The electronic movement document service provides real-time billing information with just a few clicks. 

Archiving also becomes effortless as movement document data are stored directly in the cloud. Digital documents are easily accessible later on as well, without the need for more paper bureaucracy. Supply chain transactions can be easily traced and verified, for example in connection with official audits.

Electronic movement documents make the driver’s job easier

The electronic movement document service improves the efficiency of the flow of information between the various transport parties, as the information is available to everyone in real time. The information reaches the consignor and the recipient as soon as the loading is done, and the movement document is generated. 

The use of an electronic movement document also helps the driver’s daily life. If you have a device- and platform-independent service, it is easy for drivers to fill the movement documents using a mobile device. From the same application, the driver can clearly see all the tasks assigned to him and is able to fill the information on the road. All receipts and signatures can be conveniently collected using the movement document application. The application also enables the handling of several tasks with one transport.

If the driver receives additional tasks, there are changes in the transport, or a complaint is filed in the supply chain, the electronic movement document enables the transfer of the information to the office and billing in real time. This means that the driver does not have to call, leave messages or deliver paper documents separately, but all the information is available to each party in the supply chain.

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Suvi Strandman

Suvi Strandman

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