Winter reading from Pinja – the most popular topics of 2020

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While waiting a moment for Pinja’s new expert blogs, guides and webinars of the current year, we wanted to compile a few materials for you on last year’s most popular topics. We wish you rewarding reading moments!

Research on Andon method and the new Waste Act arouse interest

During the spring 2020, we studied the degree of awareness of the Andon method among the Finnish manufacturing industry. Secondly, we wanted to understand the types of challenges and requirements with which the industrial manufacture is currently struggling.

The new Waste Act enters into force during this year. Associated with the entry in force of the act, the Ministry of the Environment will introduce an online register where the data of transfer documents must be stored in the future. Read more on our circular economy specialist Annimari Lehtomäki’s blog post Digital transfer documents meet the requirements of the new Waste Act.

Production development and industrial renewal

Digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity, such as a device, process, system or production facility. In our guide Digital twin in the manufacturing industry we answer e.g. the following questions:

  • What does the digital twin mean?
  • What are the benefits and uses of the digital twin?
  • How is the digital twin built?

Machine vision solutions bring almost unlimited application possibilities to production development. In the summer of 2020 we published a very popular expert guide Using machine vision in the industry.

Regardless of the sector one of the most important topics of 2020 was the utilization of automation as a central part of production processes. To learn how to implement an automation project as efficiently as possible and how to avoid the most typical challenges during the project, read our guide 5 ways to streamline the implementation of an automation project in industry.

There are several different models for implementing large investments in industry. Choice of the right project delivery model exerts significant influence on the profitability of the investment and the success of the entire project. Read more on our guide Project delivery models in industrial investments.

Well-being at work during new normal and Oulu grand project interest readers

During the exceptional year, remote work became part of the everyday activities. In the current situation, the importance of well-being at work is even more important. How do we at Pinja take care of the well-being of our employees? Read digital business HR manager Jaakko Kaski’s blog post Well-being at work during new normal.

Pinja's employees have strong expertise in many different areas. Stora Enso Oulu Oy factory’s renewal has involved a wide range of Pinja’s industrial engineering specialists. Read about the project from the point of view of Pinja's design engineers Hanna-Maria Angeria and Iida Vaara: Renewing the industry with youth and experience.

Success for the year 2021!