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Pinja participated in the Engage 2020 event

Engage 2020

In Arnhem, the Netherlands, the Engage 2020 event was held from 2 to 4 March 2020, to which more than 420 customers, partners, and HCL representatives from more than 30 countries gathered to discuss the development and future of collaboration products. 

In the last year, HCL purchased the products Notes, Domino, Sametime, Connections, and DX from IBM, which now constitute HCL’s Digital Solutions product business. HCL is a global company with more than 149,000 employees in 45 countries. The company’s turnover is 9.6 billion dollars.

Pinja participated in the event as an official partner company of HCL. We were especially interested in utilisation of the Domino platform as a low-code project platform, which offers a quick and cost-effective way for implementation of software solutions that can be integrated in other background systems and cloud services.

HCL presented its new Domino Volt tool usable for making Domino applications from Excel tables and SharePoint libraries, for example – even without coding. The most interesting feature of this model is that the tool produces an application that can freely be developed further by Domino’s development tools and extensions, all the way to full stack methods.

Engage 2020

More than 420 customers, partners, and HCL representatives from more than 30 countries gathered to discuss the development and future of collaboration products. 

In connection with the event, HCL also introduced the NoMad software for Android phones. NoMad is a client program enabling the use of both old and new Domino applications in smartphones and tablets. With this introduction, all iOS and Android devices are now supported. The software enables database replication for offline use and utilisation of the camera and GPS functions of smart devices in applications. NoMad is a powerful and affordable way for implementation and administration of mobile solutions supporting offline use. 

HCL will soon release its client programs, including NoMad, Verse, and Sametime, for distribution also as Progressive Web App (PWA) solutions. This way, the native application is downloaded through browser and installed on the user’s workstation automatically. This means that from now on, client application installations and updates will be obsoleted and the software will always be up-to-date. PWA runs on all operating systems, incl. Windows, Mac, and Linux. The user only needs a browser.

Engage 2020 was a strong example of how HCL invests in research and product development in co-operation with customers and partners. New talents are being recruited every day from all over the world. Products are being coded globally 24/7, which is reflected in constant publishing of new versions and additional features. Domino is developing into a competitive alternative for both low-code and pro-code solutions.

We at Pinja offer solid Domino skills and experience on all levels of development, which means that we can utilise the Domino platform in projects whenever it is genuinely the best option for our customers’ needs.

Jarkko Pietikäinen

Jarkko Pietikäinen

I’m responsible for HCL business and the development of related digital services. I came to this job in 2018 when Netwell Oy, a company I started 25 years ago, was merged with Pinja. In my free time, I boat, dabble in ham radio activities, ski and cycle.

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