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How was Pinja’s Children’s Day at Work – children tell us

Children sitting on beanbags reading and playing in the office

The popular Children’s Day at Work once again attracted many children to visit the workplace of their loved ones on Friday 24 November 2023. Most of Pinja’s offices were also buzzing with activity that day. In addition, nannies were assigned to the larger locations to look after the lively visitors. 

The theme of the day was Christmas, and the program included Christmas card making, gingerbread and tree decorating, drawing, a general introduction to the office, and the workday of a close person. After lunch, children were offered the opportunity to participate in the spirit of last year’s coding lesson a virtual workshop, where Pinja’s AI experts told them about AI, and what it can be used for. The children also had the opportunity to try out artificial intelligence in practice, using the browser-based Craiyon image generator to create their own images. The images were made by entering the desired prompt, a sentence describing the desired outcome. The children could also create their own cartoons from the images.

On the left, children at the table doing crafts and on the right, a Pinjan telling the children about his work at his workstation

At the end of the day, we asked the children for their thoughts on AI and the Children’s Day at Work. Here’s what they said:

What is artificial intelligence?

“It’s a robot. It talks like a human being, but it is not a real human being.”
- Anna 10 y/o

“Artificial intelligence is about coding and typing fast.”
- Leevi 11 y/o

“Artificial intelligence is the computer and smart devices.”
- Onni 8 y/o

What do you think mum or dad uses AI for in their work?

- Elias 9 y/o

“Daddy uses the computer and makes phone calls with the computer.”
- Emma 8 y/o

What have you made with AI today?

“I made a cartoon about my little brother.”
- Aino 11 y/o

What was the best part of your day?

“Gingerbread and trickery.”
- Aada 9 y/o

“Decorating gingerbread and making paper planes.”
- Eino 10 y/o

“I can’t say, everything.”
- Leo 7 y/o

A collage with gingerbread cookies, Moomin gift bags and a wall with cards and coloring pictures

When the children left, they were given candy bags and crafts they had made to take home with them. The AI workshop clearly sparked interest, with AI-generated images flashing across the children’s screens even after it ended. It remains to be seen how the workshop inspired children to get involved in AI – and whether it produces a large number of future professionals.

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