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The potential of artificial intelligence in digital commerce

19.02.2024 Pinja Blog Ecommerce

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Few in the surrounding media deluge have overlooked the advent of AI and the opportunities it brings. What does this mean for online retailers now and in the future?

This blog explores the potential of AI in digital commerce, and how it can improve the customer experience, increasing efficiency, and adding value to your business.

1. The potential of artificial intelligence in digital commerce

The potential of AI in digital commerce development is limitless. AI can analyze large amounts of data quickly, and identify patterns of consumer behavior, enabling the delivery of personalized and efficient services. AI can be used to create new dimensions in content production, customer service, and other aspects of digital commerce.

Here are some examples of how AI can currently be harnessed for digital commerce:

a.) Personalization of the shopping experience

AI is already being used in online stores to provide customers with tailored content, search results, and product recommendations.

b.) Improving the efficiency of content production

Producing quality content is one of the most time-consuming aspects of digital commerce. Artificial intelligence can be used to facilitate content production processes, resulting in cost and time savings.

c.) AI and PIM (Product Information Management)

AI can also be used for product information management, for example, to collect, clean, organize, and enrich product information.

2. Challenges and perspectives

While AI offers huge potential, there are also ethical and legal aspects to consider when using it, such as data veracity, data protection challenges, and issues related to intellectual property rights and ethics.

3. The future of AI in digital commerce

AI is predicted to have a major impact on digital commerce, particularly in the areas of personalization of the shopping experience and product recommendation. It can automate tasks such as order processing and customer service chatbots, improving service efficiency.

In summary, AI has huge potential for digital commerce, helping create a better service, and gathering valuable information for business development. 

If you have needs related to AI deployment, for example in production optimization or reporting to improve forecasting, read more about our services on Pinja’s AI and machine learning service page.  


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Tuomas Jaakkola

Tuomas Jaakkola

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