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The remote work week of the Business Intelligence team in Ruka – a new project manager started work in an exceptional way

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Pinja’s Business Intelligence team held a remote work week in Ruka at the end of April. A new employee, project manager Henri Salminen, was able to learn a lot of new things about the topics of his unit, and meet other Pinjans for the first time.

Henri Salminen, project manager, joined Pinja’s Business Intelligence team on 18 April. He had only a couple of days to familiarize himself with his new duties at the Jyväskylä office before leaving for a remote work week in Ruka. 

The trip offered Pinjans working in the team the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of current issues in the BI field, as well as to meet their colleagues from all over Finland. Around half of the team turned up to work remotely and spend time together.

The week was a great way to start in my new role.

Getting to know people and orientation while working

The remote work week program included in particular AI-related trainings and leisure activities such as competitions and game nights, in addition to the daily work tasks. Each day included a couple of hours of business intelligence sector news and Pinja’s offerings on the topic.

The workshops covered topics such as the Microsoft Fabric platform, the Copilot AI platform in Microsoft products, and Power BI visualizations with hands-on exercises. The participants also had the opportunity to take part in a fun coding competition. 

For Henri, it was particularly interesting to learn how experts use AI to create code, for example, for Pinja’s recent client tasks and learn new things about the industry.  

– Business Intelligence is a new area for me, and a very interesting one at that. It was also really nice to go skiing as a group and get to know colleagues from different offices.

According to Henri, the working week was well organized in advance. There was an appropriate number of guided activities, and time was also set aside for social activities. 

– The week was a great way to start in my new role.

A new project manager title promises multidisciplinarity

Henri has a 17-year career in IT, and has held many titles along the way: project manager, coder, service manager, and product owner. The focus has long been on working at the interface between the team and the client.

One of the things that attracted Henri to Pinja was the fact that the company offers a wide range of expert services to different industries. This also offers different options for working, as each industry has its own unique processes and obligations.

– I’ve worked in large industrial companies before, and a change of industry brings new excitement. I also believe that Pinja is a stable company in the market, and will continue to grow.

He also praises Pinja’s development and training opportunities – Pinja’s training promise consists of ten training days per year for everyone. There is a wide range of learning opportunities, and employees can choose the topics that are most relevant to them. 

– In addition to learning more about the role of a project manager at Pinja, I’m currently on a developer study path, which includes diving into the world of databases and warehouses from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

The orientation continues, after which Henri gets to roll up his sleeves for real and jump into client work. He is looking forward to seeing what everyday life as a new Pinjan will bring. 

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