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At Pinja, my job description was tailored to my strengths

Pinja's Annika Korkala smiling at the camera wearing a black data lovers t-shirt

Almost a year at Pinja! How has my job description shaped around my strengths over the year?

I saw Pinja’s job advertisement on LinkedIn in fall 2021, and I was attracted by the freshness and the interesting content of the job. I was up for new challenges, and working in digital commerce in particular seemed interesting. 

The job advertisement exuded Pinja’s forward-looking mentality and care for the well-being of their staff. I applied, and after three rounds of interviews, I was offered the job. I was attracted by the company’s willingness to develop, as well as the many opportunities and the pleasant working environment. 

The client at the heart of the mission

I started working at Pinja as an Account Manager in November 2021. My main task is to answer for designated digital commerce accounts, and to manage their business development in the digital environment. My responsibility is to drive clients’ interests internally, and to ensure client satisfaction together with our team.

Examples of ways to improve clients’ online business include continuously improving the digital commerce experience, the findability of the digital commerce, and recommending additional sales-enhancing features to clients.

In the foreground, a man with red hair and glasses and in the background Annika smiling at him with a laptop in her lap

Interpersonal and customer service skills are my strengths, which helped me get this position. I can focus on many things simultaneously, which makes it easy to handle a wide range of client-related tasks. My strength in process development has also helped us improve our operating models, which have a direct positive impact on our clients.

Additional responsibilities alongside the work of the Account Manager

Shortly after starting my job, I was offered the opportunity to join Pinja’s employer image team, and thus make use of my strengths in the field of communication. I was involved in tasks related to social media and employer image in my previous job, so expanding my role felt natural. I was also involved in updating Pinja’s Instagram and developing the use of the channel as a whole.

I greatly appreciate that my previous experience in different areas of business has been recognized, and that I have been given responsibility for them.

I have years of experience with LinkedIn in my previous job, and I was delighted that my skills were trusted, and I was assigned the task of training the entire staff of Pinja on the topic. I’m at my strongest when it comes to motivating people, so I was able to use my strengths by providing training. Pinja has an open Pinja Academy, through which staff can undergo various training courses and training packages.

In our team of 30 people, in addition to working with clients, I have also had the opportunity to develop orientation, which has been close to my heart throughout my career. I’ve been able to combine Pinja’s general and already comprehensive orientation path with our team’s practices and our business area’s learning modules. I have also had the honor of joining the management team of our business area, responsible for developing the marketing of our business.

Happy Pinja employees wearing black data lovers t-shirts smiling at the camera

And, as I like to write, my suggestion also got me to write this short article about my own story with Pinja!

I greatly appreciate that my previous experience in different areas of business has been recognized, and that I have been given responsibility for them. Taking care of clients is my main job, but it’s motivating to have an impact on other activities in the organization. At Pinja, you can use your own strengths and learn something new at the same time. In the future, working for a company that invests in internationalization, the challenges are bound to continue, and I look forward to what the future holds!

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Annika Korkala

Annika Korkala

I work at Pinja as a client relationship manager in our online business unit. I’m responsible for designated digital commerce accounts, in addition to working in our unit’s management team, and I’m also a member of the entire social marketing and employer image teams of Pinja. I have extensive experience in customer service, marketing and business development. I spend my free time with my family, travelling, and with my horses.

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